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Softboard Surfboard – 9′ x 26″ SSR Beginner Wide Surfboard Wide

Softboard Surfboard – 9′ x 26″ SSR Beginner Wide Surfboard Wide

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9' x 26" x 4"- Volume 126L

Developed through extensive testing and real-world use over a number of years in UK surf schools, our SSR softboard range really is the toughest beginner soft top surfboard on the market. We take on board feedback from instructors and outdoor centre managers each year to perfect the design and manufacture of these surfboards so they have the highest quality and durability, while also of course being easy to learn to surf on!

We have now gone even further with our new extra-wide range. These have the biggest volume out of any surfboard we've ever made, all so that beginner surfers and families can enjoy surfing right from the start. Extra width means more stability and balance when learning to pop up and ride waves. Even heavy adults will love these boards and feel supported while they learn.

These Softboard Surfboards benefit from the same solid construction as our regular surfboard range but with thicker glass fibre and added reinforcement on the rail, deck and bottom. Our Beginner Softboard Surfboard shapes are designed with a performance edge to enable the learner to improve quicker by catching more waves. This is a perfect board for adults learning to surf, who want big length and volume. The carry handle makes it easier to carry down to the beach and sea, while the soft IXPE textured skin provides grip and a softer landing if you should fall on it.

These board are individually custom shaped, laminated and finished by humans to exacting standards. They are a premium product and constructed from the best materials available to the industry. Our boards are NOT built from a mould or 'pop-out' which means we produce a product superior in durability and strength to weight ratio.

Add in a 9ft leash to keep your board with you in the water, and a SUP bag to protect it in storage and on your car or van roof.

Technical Features

EPS High Density Pressurised Foam Core
- EPOXY Resin Laminate on top for Lightness and Strength
- PREMIUM Layers of 'Porcher E-Glass' Fibreglass for Superior Strength
- CROSSLINK Reinforcement on Deck and Rails for Maximum Impact Resistance
- EXTRA BAMBOO LAMINATE Reinforced Standing Area
- DURABLE IXPE Soft Deck Skin for Rider Safety
- HI-DENSITY INTERNAL Nose and Tail EVA Reinforcement
- FULL HDPE Slick Bottom for Glide on the Water
- UNIDIRECTIONAL Full Length DOUBLE Wood Stringer for Strength and Controlled Flex
- OFF-CENTRE Handle for Easy Transportation and Carrying Down to the Beach

Board Specifications

- BOARD DIMENSIONS: 9' x 26" x 4"
- VOLUME (L): 125.85
- SHAPER: Jeff Townsley
- BOARD TYPE: Softboard
- FIN SET-UP: Soft Fin Thruster (3-Fin)
- TAIL SHAPE: Squash Tail
- BOTTOM CONTOUR: Single Concave to Slight V in tail
- RIDER WEIGHT: 50-100Kg
- SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
- WAVE HEIGHT: 2ft-6ft

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