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10′ 6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (iSUP) Double-Layer Board Package by Australian Board Co

10′ 6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (iSUP) Double-Layer Board Package by Australian Board Co

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10' 6" x 33" x 6"- Volume 310L

The inflatable SUP (iSUP) market can be a minefield; there is so much choice out there so finding the right balance of Quality versus Price can be daunting.  The 10' 6" iSUP from Australian Board Company (ABC) is manufactured in the same factory as our bullet-proof Circle One branded iSUP boards which are used by outdoor centres and rental so at least you can be assured of the superior craftsmanship in the manufacture of these boards.  At £499.00, the ABC iSUP package sits firmly in the 'mid-range' price bracket.  It is definitely not the cheapest out there but there is good reason why this board is priced in the mid-range and what you are paying for are premium materials and top quality control processes thanks to our direct long-standing relationships with the factory.  The ABC iSUP also benefits from Circle One's years of shaping expertise to create a board with the right amount of width across the whole length of the board and rocker on the nose to ensure a super-stable ride and predictable tracking.  At 6" thick it is also perfect as an option for the whole family and has enough volume for the heavier rider (and the dog!).  These boards are 10Kg which demonstrates their robust construction (budget iSUP options are typically much lighter which is not a good thing as the lighter the board, the less materials.)

Ideal for all skill levels, the ABC iSUP combines the perfect blend of balance, weight and size to be a favourite all-rounder the whole family can use.  They are excellent for recreational flat water use and rigid enough for small wave riding and when you add in the practical advantages such as easy storage, transportation and durability, it's no wonder this board is so popular.

What's in the package?

-PREMIUM 10' 6" Double Layer Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
-ALUMINIUM / NYLON 3- piece Paddle
-PREMIUM 10ft Polyurethane Coiled Leash
-HEAVY DUTY Bag/Back Pack for Easy Transportation
-FULL REPAIR Kit + Valve tightener

Technical Features

- INFLATES 12-15psi/1 Bar
- HI-TENSILE drop-stitch polyester filament construction
-TOUGH Double-Layer PVC for Maximum Durability
-DURABLE Full-Deck EVA Pad
-CARGO Bungees
-D-RINGS and WEBBED HANDLE on Nose and Tail for Towing/Fix points
-INTEGRATED Carry Handle

Board Specifications

- BOARD DIMENSIONS: 10' 6" x 33" x 6"
- VOLUME (L): 310
- FIN SET-UP: Detachable Screw Fixed Centre Fin
- RIDER WEIGHT: Up to 100kg plus
- SKILL LEVEL: Beginner, Beginner Progressive

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