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6′ 11″ Bamboo Wing Swallow Tail Surfboard Package – Includes Bag, Leash, Fins & Wax

6′ 11″ Bamboo Wing Swallow Tail Surfboard Package – Includes Bag, Leash, Fins & Wax

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6' 11" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8"- Volume 46.41L

Bamboo Surfboard Package - Be surf-ready with our full surfboard package including Circle One robust surfboard bag, leash, premium honeycomb FCS fins and eco wax. Everything you need to get out in the water in one handy package!

The 6' 11" wing swallow shape offers full-volume versatility as a fun middle ground between a shortboard and mini mal. Maybe you are looking to progress from a mini mal or longboard but are worried about going too short and not being able to catch waves anymore, or are after a shortboard for a tall or heavier adult. With just over 46L of volume, stability and float isn't in doubt for easy wave catching and pop up. But by dipping below the 7ft length, you get that increased agility and can push the turns in all conditions. A beautiful looking board which will flatter your surfing skills and build confidence.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Bamboo Surfboard, 3 x Honeycomb Thruster Fins, 1 x 7ft Leash, 1 x 7ft Surfboard Bag in colour of your choice, 1 x block of Matunas Cold Water Eco Surf Wax

Technical Features

-EPS High Density Pressurised Foam Core
-EPOXY Resin Laminate Innovative BAMBOO LAMINATE TECHNOLOGY (Full 1.5mm thick)
-PREMIUM Layers of 'Porcher E-Glass' Fibreglass for Superior Strength
-CROSSLINKTM Reinforcement on Deck and Rails for Maximum Impact Resistance
-HOT COAT Durable Outer Shield Gloss Finish
-UNIDIRECTIONAL Full Length Wood Stringer for Strength and Controlled Flex
-EXCEPTIONAL Strength to Weight ratio
-FCS FUSION Finbox & Fins - the Strongest Pre-glass System on the Market

All Circle One Surfboards and Skimboards are individually custom shaped, laminated and finished by hand to exacting standards - they are a premium product and constructed from the best materials available to the industry. Our boards are NOT built from a mould or 'pop-out' which means we produce a product superior in durability and strength to weight ratio.

*We get asked a lot of questions about the construction of our bamboo boards so here's the lowdown: We use a full 1.5mm thick bamboo sheet in the production process so the bamboo becomes integral to the sandwich construction of the board.  This produces a board of exceptional strength to weight and unique flex and response ride characteristics.  It is worth noting that other manufacturer's boards sold as 'bamboo' may use a paper-thin veneer bamboo sheet (as little as 0.2mm thick) or a 'printed' bamboo-effect veneer and whilst it may look nice, it offers no construction benefits.  You can be sure when you purchase a Circle One Bamboo Surfboard, the bamboo not only looks stunning but delivers a real tangible difference in the construction of the board and the quality of the ride

Board Specifications

-BOARD DIMENSIONS: 6' 11" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8"
-VOLUME (L): 46.41
-SHAPER: Jeff Townsley
-BOARD TYPE: Shortboard
-FIN SET-UP: Thruster (3-Fin)
-TAIL SHAPE: Wing Swallow
-BOTTOM CONTOUR: Single Concave to slight V in tail
-SKILL LEVEL: Beginner, Beginner Progressive
-WAVE HEIGHT: 2ft-6ft
-FINS INCLUDED WITH BOARD? - Yes, supplied with premium Honeycomb FCS fins

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