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Wetsuit Pro Dryer (Mains 240V) – Surflogic

Wetsuit Pro Dryer (Mains 240V) – Surflogic

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At Circle One, our staff use the SurfLogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer and we can't rate it highly enough, it really is a fantastic piece of kit. Any surfer or watersports enthusiast knows the feeling of putting on a damp wetsuit that hasn't had time to dry properly - it's not a great experience! The Pro Dryer makes short work of getting your wetsuit dry and ready for the next session. An excellent investment, you won't regret it.

Designed for fast drying
Able to dry your wetsuit in 20 minutes for 3mm thickness suit - drying times increase for thicker wetsuits; see drying times below.

Powerful airflow system
6.000 litres of air per minute
3.500 revolutions per minute

Intelligent heat control
Automated, controlled and heat balanced with powerful air to dry fast protecting your wetsuit

Automatic switch-off safety system
Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes of use

Easy to transport and store
Can be stored to a compact size when not in use

Multiple hanging options
Adjustable and strong strap
Aluminium carabiner with foam cover protector

Drying time
Wetsuit thickness 3 mm: between 20 and 40 minutes (depending on room temperature)
Wetsuit thickness 4 to 5 mm: between 35 and 60 minutes (depending on room temperature)
Wetsuit thickness + 6 mm: between 45 and 75 minutes (depending on room temperature)

Size in use: 450 x 177 x 157 mm
Size when not in use: 225 x 177 x 157 mm
Length of cord: 3 m
Durable construction
Voltage 220 – 240 V ˜/ 50 Hz
1.400 W
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